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Memory Dump

tags: PowerShell categories: System-Engineering

Table of Contents

Analyze Memory Dump

PowerShell Script to analyze a Memory-Dump.

		Load the Windows Debugger
		This function will load the Windows Debugger to analyze a MemoryDump
		-Author: Martin Walther
		-Email : 
		-CreationDate: 07.04.2017
		-LastModifiedDate: 18.10.2022
		-Version: 2.0.0

    Write-Output "Set the proxy and restart the script"

$winkitpath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10"
if(Test-Path -Path "$($winkitpath)\Debuggers\x64"){
    Set-Location "$($winkitpath)\Debuggers\x64"
    write-output ("*******************************************************************************")
    write-output ("*")
    Write-Output ("*                            Load Windows Debugger                             ")
    write-output ("*")
    write-output ("*******************************************************************************")
    Get-ChildItem '...\..\Dumps' -Filter *.dmp | Select LastWriteTime,Fullname | ft -AutoSize

    write-output ("")
    $dumpfile   = $(read-host "Enter the full-filename of the memory-dump")
        $dumpfile = $dumpfile.Trim('"')
    $Logfile = "C:\scripts\$($dumpfile | Split-Path -Leaf).log"

    if(Test-Path -Path $dumpfile){
        Write-Output ("Analyze $($dumpfile), please wait . . .")
        $ret = .\kd.exe -y "srv*https://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols" -z $dumpfile -logo out.txt -c "!analyze -v;q"
        $ret | Out-File "$($Logfile)"

        Write-output ("`n*******************************************************************************")
        Write-Output ("Analysis result:")
        $ret -match "Probably caused by"
        $ret -match "MODULE_NAME:\s.*"
        $ret -match "IMAGE_NAME:\s.*"
        $ret -match "SYMBOL_NAME:\s.*"
        $ret -match "PROCESS_NAME:\s.*"
        $ret -match "BUGCHECK_"
        $ret -match "FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:\s.*"
        Write-output ("*******************************************************************************")

        if(Test-Path -Path $Logfile){
            Write-Output ("`nBugcheck Analysis saved to $($Logfile)")
            Write-Output ("For more information consult $($Logfile)")

        Write-Output "Warning: File $($dumpfile) not found, could not analyze dumpfile."
    Write-Output "Warning: File $($winkitpath) not found, could not start Windows Debugger."

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