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Git Basics

tags: PowerShell categories: GitLab

Table of Contents

Git offline Installation

VSCode integrates Git version control. Download and install Git.

Download Source

Git Configuration

Git global settings are saved in “$($env:USERPROFILE).gitconfig” while local settings are saved in the root folder of the respective project.

The global settings can be set from “$($env:USERPROFILE).gitconfig” to another path by setting the environment variable HOME to the desired path (Example: $env:home = ‘D:\github’).

List global settings

git config --global -l

List system settings

git config --system -l

these settings can only be changed with admin rights.

Define identity with name and email

git config --global user.name "John Doe"
git config --global user.email johndoe@example.com
[credential "https://github.com"]
     username = 'Tinu'

     helper = wincred


[http "https://gitlab.company.int"]
	proxy = http://proxy.company.int:8080/

	helper = wincred
[credential "https://gitlab.company.int"]
     username = 'Tinu'

Work with Git


Git clone

cd <your local working git folder>
git clone <git-url>

Update local repository

cd <your local working git project>
git pull

Add and upload changes

git add . | <file to add>
git commit -m "Commit message"
git push

List all local branches

git branch

Create new branch

git checkout -b <new_branch>

Remove branch

$branch_to_delete = 'new_branch'
git checkout master
git push origin --delete $branch_to_delete
git branch -D $branch_to_delete

See also

git –fast-version-control.

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